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This website contains general information about several common cosmetic medical and surgical conditions and treatments, as well as a number of therapeutic goods. The information is not medical advice. For medical advice, you should consult, directly, a qualified medical professional who will provide advice directly relevant to you. You must not use the information on this website as a substitute for medical advice.

This website may contain information from third parties, including youtube links and other brochures. Ozmedica does not make, control or influence any such content and provides it solely for general informational purposes.

Nothing on this website should be taken as amounting to a recommendation that a specific technique is relevant or best suited for a particular person’s medical or cosmetic needs. To the extent that particular techniques and products are described or referred to with approval, this is because of Ozmedica’s general consideration and view of the product, and should not be considered to be a representation of inferiority, defect or other comment on other products except where explicitly set out to that effect.


Use of this website is at the discretion, and risk, of the user. Ozmedica assumes no liability for any consequences arising out of the use of this website. The user of this website assumes all risks and costs arising from the use of this website or any website linked to this website. Some of the content contained on this website is subject to copyright, including to Ozmedica. Users may not copy or otherwise make use of the content, style, formatting, trademarks or images without prior authorisation.


Ozmedica makes no warranty as to the functionality of this website or any content elements thereto. Interactive elements, such as embedded maps, dynamic forms, hyperlinks and any other interactive structure are provided on a best efforts basis, or are controlled by third parties. Ozmedica will not be liable for any failure or errors in any functional element.

Ozmedica makes no warranty that messages sent through any website element will be received or monitored, other than as required by law.


Ozmedica may use cookies and otherwise collect and retain information relating to use of the website, any information that users communicate through the website and any comments posted.


Every effort has been made to ensure that all TGA regulations have been met in regards to this website. If you consider that there has been a breach of these, or any other advertising, medical or other regulations, please inform us via the contact page, so that we may take corrective action.

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